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We rent tech-enabled one-way stainless steel kegs to drinks producers. Each keg has its own unique identity making it easily tracked through your supply chain on our proprietary cloud-based software. It’s as simple as fill, scan, deliver, repeat, leaving the collection of empty Kegstar kegs to us and our dedicated network of industry partners. Meaning you can focus on getting more great beverages to even more happy drinkers!

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Why use stainless steel kegs?
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How to scan Kegstar kegs


Type: DIN
Capacity: 50L

Type: EURO
Capacity: 30L

Type: Keg
Capacity: 20L

Speak to us to send your kegs abroad

Ask for a price to send your kegs between our domestic markets. Talk to us about how you COULD send them outside of them.

Your Keg,
Your Brand,
Your Way.

Silk Screen Printed Kegs Get Noticed

Stacked on-site or stored in alleyways, beer gardens, festival stands & in the background of countless photos, kegs are prime branding real estate.

Ensure immediate recognition wherever kegs go with high quality, distinct branding and contact information.
Reduce lost kegs, improve efficiency of distribution partners and increase brand recognition.
We supply a custom branded silk screened keg, readily accessible as your fleet grows.
Find out how easy it is, contact us below.

Your Fleet, Your Brand

It’s your own fleet at leasing prices. KegLease allows you to operate a dedicated and custom branded keg fleet.

Your Fleet, Your Brand

Our fixed price leasing model ensures peace of mind; know what you owe every month.

We’re Ready When You Are

KegLease allows you to grow your fleet at short notice, knowing you have access to more kegs when you’re ready.

Invest in Yourself

Buying your own kegs is expensive. KegLease and Kegstar solutions free up your capital to invest back into your business.



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